The first sign of morning, he feels me reaching for my phone and automatically wraps his arms around to pull me closer (he wants me off the phone). After a little morning cuddling ;), we take showers, which may or may not be taken together. We shout out a few “should I wear this with this?”, “Honey, have you seen my earrings?”, ”Where’s my jacket?”, and sometimes a “are you really going to wear that?”

His music is blasting from the office (most likely, it’s some sort of rap/hip hop or R&B). I play my music in the bathroom (usually 90’s R&B and pop) but as of late, OBVI its Beyoncé’s new album. I’m obsessed! I can’t get enough! I want to emulate her every move in those videos. I’ll make it my work out session; kill two birds with one stone. Get healthier, AND learn some new sexy moves for my man. Sounds like a win-win to me (it’s always good to switch things up, ladies). Finally, we choose our scents and accessories and we are on our way. A typical Sunday will go a little something like this… breakfast, a stroll through the flea market, and maybe a trip to Target or the mall. We end the day with dinner and a movie, and there ya’ have it, our Sunday routine.






[Jeans:Forever 21| My boyfriends Flight Jacket: H&M | Acrylic transparent clutch:Ebay via nicolette mason’s #followitfindit picks | Boots:Riverisland ]

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